EMA Company

EMA is a name that was imposed on both domestic and the foreign trade after 1989, in the textile, continuing an activity started since 1907.


Currently the company is constituted as a joint stock company, whose capital is 100% private, and the shares are traded on the regulated market of securities.


Investments made in last place the company among the largest manufacturers of knitwear in the country, with an integrated feed production (knitting, making, made, finished), leading to obtain a quality product at international standards.


 e  LEGANCE, a modern people`s feature!
AJESTUOSITY, or a proper way to conquer the world!
 a  RT, in other words a superlative feedback for each product!


EMA SAR, a company with vast experience of the market, always wanted by other agencies and other partners.


EMA SAR, produce for export and for the Romanian market knitting of acrylic yarns, in a wide range of textures and a rich range of colors.


EMA SAR, a company with an experience that stood a hundred years, is the guarantee for partners` success in business around the world, and for direct beneficiaries is the logo of quality, comfort and exclusivity style.

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